The quality of a friendship

The quality of a friendship

” The quality of a friendship should be measured on the strength of your bond and the abundance of love between you, not the number of times you catch up over coffee or go out drinking. We all have different needs, schedules and responsibilities. What’s important is you are there when it matters.” – Beau Taplin

Is that not all, that really matters ?

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    I hate detachment, If I love you.. eother we are in relationship or not in relationship I just care.. just say hi. Saying hello to someone is priceless..Just be friendly.. I am grateful.. I know you had sacrificed a lot.. you are always special.

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    Sometimes, some People get envious of you ,don't let them steal your joy, never allow them to get into your system, believe, stand for it, protect and don't get distracted.. Be calm.. Have faith..Loyalty is the essence. LOVE is the key..

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    Holding on love and friendship is loyalty and understandings,trust and faith in love is imperative.

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      Out of knowing you missed the most important person who used to be around most of the time, that shows the meaning of treasure the moment of every moment that person exist.. the true complexity. Of real relationship whatever it is.

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