The problem with being empathetic

The problem with being empathetic

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  1. Well, we must! Why are they like that? What has life done to them? WHO CREATED THEM?? I mean the real them, that has been smothered inside by the circumstances surrounding them, amd the treatment they have received from others.

  2. I’ve learned not to feel sorry for too long. One slip ok. And by slip I mean can’t respect boundaries. Beyond that I’m dealing with an asshole and it’s not worth my positive energy or my time.

    1. It can be either.
      Empathic vs. Empathetic. What’s the difference between empathic and empathetic? Empathic is the older word, meaning that one has empathy for another, but the two are near-perfect synonyms, and thus interchangeable.

    1. I disagree.
      You can feel empathy for assholes because you recognize the pain regardless to whom it occurs to.
      Empathy doesn’t know limits.
      Understanding someone is an asshole, but hearing them get hurt, you still feel the pain.
      Feelings aren’t logical

  3. Empathy is never a problem. It is a gift to be able to look past static and understand and feel for another. Much love abounds. The extremes with no balance and codependent tendencies can cause problems.

    1. Hey Raymond…….lighten up a little……it’s called an opinion, we all have one <3 I find exchange on any subject interesting… it increases our learning if we are open our minds to possibilities. When you mentioned humor it reminded me of a piece I wrote a bit ago on that very subject. Empaths can understand and feel the pain of another… and for me, the pain of another isn't funny.

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