The Problem Is Women Think He Will Change

The Problem is

The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will.

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  1. Everyone is different. Me personally I would never want someone to be with me that’s not happy & has concerns. She should feel comfortable talking to me face to face. It allows both people to see the sincerity & how much they care. Anytime ur addressing real & serious concerns it should always be face to face. It works both ways because when I look into her eyes & make a promise & tell her I love her it’s real & I personally can tell the difference between heartfelt or fake. People who deal with their relationship over a phone, calling or texting their not committed. If you truly mean something it should always be face to face, that shows your commitment.

  2. i was going through the biggest change in my life, completely different person now, she ignored everythging and left anyways…. thank fucking god she did <3 😀 now she messages me and says how wrong she was…yeah no shit sherlock, at least she had the half a brain to realize that XD

  3. When you honestly love someone, you don't want to change them. You love them for their flaws and strengths alike. You try to support them in any way that you can to help them become better men for themselves. Ultimately, you love them for exactly who and what they represent to you regardless of whether they choose to change or not. That's not to say you may not have to make the choice to leave if you aren't that important to them or they're a threat to your psychological or physical health. A woman has an obligation to do what's in her own best interest no matter how much she may love someone. If that means leaving, then pack your bags and walk. That love you feel will go with you wherever you travel.

    1. Jennifer Sebits, this is the kind of relationship that surrounds me, – from my parents, my siblings and most within the family. Nobody ever left because of the mistakes committed, they worked out, put their trust on each other, loved each other through their ups and downs. Most of these couples marked anniversaries and counting. The secret they said is forgiveness and compromises and less expectations of being perfect. My mom is a difficult woman to live with and I've wondered how did my father put up with her. It's loving her completely, even the flaws. To his end, she was his muse. Looking at them, I feel like an outsider. I don't or can' t give a love like that. That's why i choose being single. My respect to all of you for being that 'special.'

    2. I love you beyond all flaws..and wouldn't change a thing.. I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble… All of your imperfections are perfect for me…

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