The Power Of ‘You’

The Power Of ‘You’

And while your running the incessant race of life, all it needs is to pause, stop and look.

Look deep inside, in there lies the most magnificent of all powers.

The power to withstand while the tough puts on a show at you.

The power to bounce back thrashing the past to things anew.

Let not the reasons of your failure put around a definition to your being but make your return the powerful of sorts that will leave the world outside seeing.

Your happiness is yours and yours alone to make and keep leaving the key to its doorway with nobody but yourself despite the downs and leaps.

The gone-byes cannot be changed but the times to come is definitely in your control

Get out there, strike the bull’s eye through the rough but to a finished roll

Incidental and unwilling of, life unfurls it’s string of things,out of your control and most times unplanned or unseen

That is when the incredible mind is to be let unleashed.

The mind that possesses the power to bring thoughts to life

Make every thought of yours count and weigh it out despite the strife

The given truth of choices aren’t many but two to a situation that is brought to face

The choice to stay on stuck and ask ‘why me’ and the other is to look it up in the face and head it with the power of your inner strength to surpass it with smiles to light

To love is power, to forgive is power, to  heal is power

Live the journey of life unveiling the best version of yourself

For it is the power, your power to make or break bidding the negatives goodbye

Awaken the mighty power within you the power of your thoughts to sight

For while He puts you to it, He will walk you through it untold and with all His might.

When your battling it at the turf, stay held with your head high

Look for the plunge, a joyous plunge!

Live the power of change, live the power of choice,live the power to make it happen.

And when life pushes you to the cliff,

Stop, pause and look, look deep inside for in there lies the mightiest of all powers- the Power of ‘You’.

-By LovesM