The Power of Mind Mapping for Clarity






With a background in ministry and philosophy, Robin spent 30 years struggling with the pillars of Religion. Finally breaking free, he questions the 'normal' to now be considered an evocative, and sometimes controversial thought leader. Pushing the limits of society and culture, Robin guides others to find their own freedom in a life of self-empowered creation, partnered with deep resonance to live with originality. Robin is an ordained minister, performing marriages and the customary duties of ministry including spiritual guidance and consulting. Robin's passion is in seeing strong masculinity meet the opposite world of radically elegant femininity. Coaching self-development, personal energy, and the breaking away from limiting beliefs, Robin works with his students and clients to create pure and honest alliances for personal and business relationships.


  1. My frank advice: Do not get stuck with mindmapping. It’s just one tool. It’s limitation is paring down every issue, or problem or challenge to a centralised point. The real world doesn’t operate in this manner. Be prepared to expose to a smorgasbord of visual tools and graphic organisers: e.g. “timeline” for charting out a forward trajectory; “flow diagram” to show a process flow of steps or stages; “Venn diagram” to illustrate comparisons and contrasts; “transistive order diagram” to sequence a historical event; “story board” or “story grid” to fish out key elements of a narrative or story; “causal loop diagram” to highlight causality of a critical event, just to name a few. To sum up, the ‘Law of Requisite Variety’ applies. That’s to say, the more variable options you have in breaking down an issue, or problem, or challenge, the better you are in understanding and dealing with the changing dynamics of the real world.