The Power Of Being Present

The Power Of Being Present

One of the most simple and powerful tools we can adopt is to be present and mindful of now.

To align our consciousness and awareness with the present moment not only yields true contentment, but brings us a sense of inner peace as well.

Discomfort arises when we over think and place our energies into the concepts of the past of the future. Ruminating upon what has been and all that we cannot change makes us powerless; it depletes us and denies us the opportunity to be content.

Likewise if we are worried, expectant or presumptuous about the future, then we are stretching and depleting our energy into a place does not exist and inviting states of anxiety or self imposed disappointment.

All of these experiences are derived from thoughts and are created in the mind. If we give them power, we can easily become carried away by these concepts and fall out of alignment with ourselves.

To arrive at ready-made conclusions, leaves us with no room for what is.

The best way to approach anything in life is to be neutral about all situations, greet each moment as it comes and be open to what unfolds.

Breaking away from false thought patterns means we can live from a place of awareness. 

In this space we naturally become more grounded and develop a better understanding about ourselves. Calmness is an ever-available reality and energy is plentiful and easily retained.

With enhanced clarity we can cultivate positive attitudes and behaviours, which will enhance our lives and the relationship we have with the outside world and ourselves. 

Being present allows us to engage more fully with others and enhance the connection we have with our friends, family and colleagues.  

We can truly absorb what each moment has to offer and nurture greater acceptance, patience and gratitude in the process.

So keep your focus upon now, take things slowly and ensure that you are mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

Take the time to be curious and enquire about this moment and let the beauty of life unfold before your very eyes.