The Power of 25 Minutes

The Power of 25 Minutes

“Is this a joke? How come I finish this hypercomplex assignment? I can even stare and look it for real. Oh, let’s just do it later”

“Why I can’t hold myself to stay away from socmed so that I can do my work properly?”

“This long work really frustrates me”

Have you ever come up to those kinds of problems? I believe you have. Those are the problem where we usually hit when we got lots of stuff to do. When we look at the work, we already feel tired and avoiding the work to be conducted later. Yes, that’s where procrastination comes. Even, if we’re able to handle the procrastination, we can’t even stay focus for just a 15 minutes. We usually get distracted by gadgets that always stay there beside us wherever we go, including in doing those assignments.

This phenomenon disturbs us a lot. We can’t even be a productive person because we seldom finish the work efficiently. Even, we already feel tired before half of the assignment finish. Yes, because we think that we already spend lots of time and we need to rest, but in fact those hours mostly spent by opening our gadget or other distractions. This kind of thing always become a burden for us. I believe, if we can overcome this problem, we’ll become much more productive and become a much better person. Then, have you ever wondered that there is a thing that can help us get out from this horror? Yup, there is, the thing’s called Pomodoro technique.

Pomodoro technique was invented by Fransesco Cirillo in 1980s. Cirillo found this when he was enrolling in a university. This thing is even in a very simple way, amazingly, can solve the problem of focus and procrastination that terrorizing our life. Even this technique was found in 1980s, where there were no such gadgets as now, this technique still very effective help us to do our assignments.

The basic concept of this technique is going full concentration in 25 minutes and take a break.Yes, that’s the basis of this technique. Okay, I’ll tell you how we can use this technique.

1.         We have to set an assignment that we want to take down. This is where we pick the most important problem to be taken care of. This is the first step, so don’t miss it.

2.         Set timer for 25 minutes. By conducting this step, we have to assure and commit to ourselves that we’re gonna go full throttle in this 25 minutes without doing anything else besides the assignment. So get rid of those distractions.

3.         Go full throttle in 25 minutes. If in the middle of the work you remember something that needs to be done, write it on the paper. Do this “other important thing” after finishing the 25 minutes.

4.         Give a checklist mark after the 25 minutes period finished. This step is to appreciate ourselves for being able to stay focus in 25 minutes.

5.         Do relaxation for 3 – 5 minutes. This thing is important to make our brain rest for a while. This thing is important to make us fit to go for another round.

6.         After do the first 25 minutes work-5 minutes rest, do another one. Do the same proportion round for 4 times. Then, take a rest for 25-30 minutes after finishing the 4th. This is called a set. Do as many sets as needed to finish the task. Done!

It’s easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t need lots of properties or preparation. We can do it anywhere and anytime. Usually, before we start, we’re gonna think that 25 minutes is very easy. But, believe me, when you try to do it, it feels really difficult. Believe me. But that’s the process. When you’re able to overcome it, then you’re able to become less procrastinating and easily distracted. So, let’s conquer all those crazy assignments effectively and efficiently! See you.

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