The Perfect Time To Text A Woman

Perfect Time Text Woman

“Does she not like me anymore?”

I was getting the bubble treatment. When you least expect it, you hear a ding. And then you run to your phone, and it’s your sister. The next morning comes, and still, no bubble from her. You think to yourself – “What the hell is going on?”

I got the bubble. The bubble! I got the bubble two minutes after my text. Did she forget?

Want to know more about the ‘right’ time to text a woman? Check this video out below:

The Perfect Time To Text A Woman

Sure enough, 24 hours later, you get a text from her. She tells you she was busy. You think to yourself, “Bullshit. You weren’t busy. I got the goddamn f*cking bubble five minutes after.

I saw the f*cking bubble going! You were writing me! Did you need to think about it and decide I wasn’t worth it?”

Texting is the new way to make us neurotic.

Usually we stare at our phone and go, “Come on, ding. Come on, ding. Come on, ding.”

How about you, do you send a cute picture text and it doesn’t deliver.

You send it again, and she texts you, “Jesus, why did you send me four pictures?”

The f*cking thing said it never delivered!

Texting can drive us nuts.

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Written by David Wygant
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The Perfect Time To Text A Woman
The Perfect Time To Text A Woman
Perfect Time Text Woman Pin
The Perfect Time To Text A Woman
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