The paths I’ve taken all etched in my skin.

Kaitlyn Bell 

The paths I’ve taken 
all etched in my skin.
Every mark and scar 

shows where I’ve been.
Who knows where I’ll go 

at the end of my days.
There are so many directions, 

there are so many ways.


Susan Barth 

Only I have the choices in life 
to stay or leave. 
My life is the adventures 
that I make on my journey.


Robbie Allen 

The world is only 
an arm’s length away.


Sulekha Pande 

Mapping my destiny,
fulfilling my wanderlust


Cindy Warrix 

The road to my heart


Rinku Shah 

Forget every fortune teller,
Be your own story teller.
Live a life of your dreams.
Explore the mountains,valleys, 

beaches and streams.
Treasure memories, not things.
Free of clutter, live the joy it brings.
Travel far and wide…
Your soul is your guide!


Karthik Parthasarathy 

Travel is my life-line
That’s what keeps me fine
It runs in my blood
I do it as much as I could
Gives me experiences
Makes me mend my fences
Yes, I am a travelholic
My refreshing energy tonic.


Tracey Ingram 

Travel is a part of me. 
Travel is in my veins. 
It gets under your skin. 
Every place I’ve been became a part of me. 
Is that a road map or a life line? 
It’s probably possible to live without travel, 
but I wouldn’t want to try.


Debra L Laing 

The veins, arteries, crevices 
and wrinkles on our bodies, 
reflect the journeys of our lives 
like the serpentine twist 
of highways on a map. 
Behold the stories they tell.


Donna Howard 

Mapping out my life, 
extending an open hand to adventure, 
experiences, and places 
yet to be discovered.


Erna Duspara 

This map is a symbol
of where I have been.
It’s everlasting echoes
carved in my skin.
Whenever I feel lost
or in despair
I raise my arm up
high up in the air.
This painful reminder
created with blood ink 

from my vein
Something I did 

when I was out of my brain.

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