The Origin Of Dreams And How They Affect Our Lives

The Origin Of Dreams And How They Affect Our Lives

Always according to Jung, the complex is a constitutive element of our soul and behaves as a sub-personality that is activated in certain circumstances in the external or internal world.

Thus, emotions that are not proportional to context (jealousy, desire for power, jealousy, falling in love, fear of failure or success) can be an indication that we act under complex influence, and that our interactions with reality are found to be mediated by this.

Intensity inactivation of a complex condition of the level of subjectivity that we project on people and external conditions in certain situations.

Complex role

Complexes have faculties to personify themselves in our dreams, and they are shaped according to Jung in scriptwriters, directors, actors, and scenes from our single world.

While we dream, we can then talk to a wise old man who is represented by several professors or teachers we admire; we are confronted with our shadow under the clothes of some acquaintances or neighbors who are annoying to us; we received miraculous help from a quiet childhood friend. The basic pattern of a shaman or physician can be represented by our doctor or therapist.

We have erotic relationships with contemporary heroes or female heroes. We pass obstacles, run away from murderers, we are victims and victims; we fly, we climb the sacred mountain; we get lost in the labyrinth, houses are destroyed in earthquakes, we survive the floods, we die and sometimes we are reborn with other bodies; We go back again and again to the university or school to present the exams of some pending subjects. All experiences are as real as life that is maintained. It is assumed that on most occasions our character and dream situations represent aspects of ourselves that need to be integrated and recognized.


The toxic dream

What is a toxic dream? This is actually a term for any dream creating negative feelings that drive negative things in real life.

A toxic dream is more than a nightmare. This is a dream with real implications in the field; a dream that really affects someone to live a negative life in the real world.

Toxic dreams can be caused by several factors; regret, feelings of fear, feelings of anger, and feelings of hurt and so on. In some cases, toxic dreams are caused by ex-spouses and this really affects people, especially those under the age of 25.

In the age range below 25, most people lack the emotional maturity to “make peace” with themselves when they lose valuable love relationships. In contrast to people over 40 years of age, relationships for young people are often addressed emotionally and reactively, as if they are all about life.

Toxic dreams can be prevented with awareness. The awareness in question is closely related to one’s attitude when facing a moment, including what is called a breakup and toxic relationship.

Dropping out of love should be interpreted as a life journey that opens up new possibilities in the future. Someone walks in the future, not the past so the past should be a valuable experience that shapes the person in a better direction.

Hopefully, this article is able to answer all questions about dreams and how they can occur. Thank you for reading.

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The Origin Of Dreams And How They Affect Our Lives

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