The Person Who Broke You Can’t Be The One To Fix You

The one who breaks is usually not the one who fixes too

“The person who broke you can’t be the one to fix you. Remember that.”

Sure about something that the Mind does want the same person to fix it.

But it works or not, ummmm… I don’t know.

Your thoughts on this?


24 thoughts on “The Person Who Broke You Can’t Be The One To Fix You”

    1. That's why I stopped dating. When even men raised in ultra-religious families, who still go to church every Sunday, can cause that much damage by lying and cheating, clearly it's not safe to date anyone.

  1. In the nuts & bolts of a bigger picture- we allowed our own breaking/hurt from another with our actions & reactions right?
    So we have the ability to learn/correct issues from those lessons~ they were/are a large necessary part of our growth~ gratitude for bad/good/indifferent made us who we are.. power in ourselves & power of thought!!

  2. Theres always this two sides of the story ..i agree with them..that if u broke urself..U CAN fix THE DAMAGE by urself alone..

    But if we say..we were broke ourselves because of another person..definitely..THEY SHOULDNT BE THE tool TO FIX the damage..coz ur only breaking urself again and again if u'll do that…
    theres no other way of fixing urself but to accept it..and fixing urself is only done by urself alone..

  3. No I don't agree with that , I broke myself and I'll fix myself up , and I'd do experience too that my friend or my love one once broke my heart and yeah they fixed the damage and it turned it great…

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