The One Thing To Remember When You’re Dealing With Any Person, Ever

The One Thing To Remember When You’re Dealing With Any Person Ever

While the above (true) story was an isolated incident, this isn’t the only story that I have along these lines.

I met someone on the bus last year who was silently crying to herself for quite a while. After several minutes of empathically feeling how restrained her emotional release was (aka I could tell she would be crying a lot harder if she didn’t have fifteen strangers around her), I sat down near her and engaged her in conversation. She confided in me that she had just had her third miscarriage and she was feeling worthless and defective as a human being.

Another time I sat down next to a seemingly homeless man on the street and asked him his story. He told me that he had been a restaurant owner a few hours away from where we were, and he decided to walk away from the business when he found out that his wife of four years had been cheating on him with his brother. He didn’t want to deal with the divorce, with her, or with his brother, so he left it all to them and was going to make a run at life by himself by starting from scratch.

What do any of these stories have in common?

Ultimately, we have no idea what other people are going through.


We aren’t mind readers. We don’t know if the people around us (whether we interact with them directly or not) are having the best week of their lives or the worst.

We don’t know if they’re elated or suicidal. We don’t know if they feel fulfilled or exhausted. We have no way of knowing where they’re at in their lives or what’s happening for them

And I would also encourage you to take on the practice of extending that awareness (or the awareness of what you’re unaware of in others) to those who annoy you, are rude to you, or who are generally unpleasant to you.

Maybe it’s the person who cuts you off in traffic… or the coworker who seems to only be mean to you… or the person who walks by you on the street who shoots you an evil glare. Assume that each of those people is going through the emotional turmoil that you can’t even begin to comprehend.

There’s a lot of suffering out there in the world, and the only rational response to it all is to be unreasonably kind and loving towards everyone that you cross paths with. This concept is easier said than done, but it’s a good practice to have.

I hope that, whatever you’re going through right now in your life, you are handling it with all of the grace and gentleness that you can muster.

And hey, guess what? I love you. Without knowing any details about you, I can say that with confidence.

I love you.


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The One Thing To Remember When You’re Dealing With Any Person Ever

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