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The One Thing They Never Taught

The One Thing They Never Taught

When she was young they asked her to study

When she studied they asked her to be perfect in what  she studied

When she became perfect in what she studied she was asked to look pretty

When she looked pretty she was told to look perfect

When she looked perfect they asked her to be thoughtful and wise

She excelled her academics, looked pretty and nice ,her decisions were always admired as wise

Lost in the theories of perfection and class there was a subject unknown to her in  all these years

How to feel happy genuinely without any  thought  must be a skill very few must have got she said

In this world of fame without any glory could she be just as happy as Dory from Finding Nemo’s  story or would she be just another name trying to board the success train

If she gets on the success train she would be happy they explained but in her heart she had already learned happiness is always an inside game

The subject they never taught her while young was how to be happy when you have little or none  which made her unhappy despite of having it all even at her slightest fall coz happiness the most important subject of life is never taught to all.

-Joshna Tandel