The Only Thing I’m Really Committed To

The Only Thing I'm Really Committed To

The only thing I’m

really committed to

right now is

bettering myself.

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17 thoughts on “The Only Thing I’m Really Committed To”

  1. Seek that Truth, which will give you everlasting bliss and real knowledge. You will then be able to raise others also and save them from the entanglements of the world.
    Meher Baba <3

  2. The problem with this is that bettering one’s self is a lifelong endeavor. Put your betterment ahead of commitment to another human being for years upon years and you’ll find yourself like me: single at the age of fifty with no children and no idea how to work on romantic relationship. Plus everyone my age who’s single is paying alimony and has no interest in a new family.

    1. Failing in romantic relationships does not mean one is a failure in life. My dear, life is so much more than just romance.
      Hey,i’m only in my 20s, and I already do not wish to be in a romantic relationship.
      For I was chosen for another path, the path of salvation.
      Cherish and appreciate what you have, dear , live in the present and you shall experience true bliss of happiness.

    2. Thank you Alex Wilfred Wong. Yes there’s a lot of richness to life. I agree. It’s been a pretty fascinating journey so far. Thank you for the encouragement. Abiba Alice thanks for the shout out. I fell in love once. I lost him when his father died. And then again last October when he died at 44 of a heart attack. Bruna Pura I’ve decided that it’s not too late. Being in the right place is the ticket πŸ˜‰

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