The Old Photo Album

The Old Photo Album

The old photo album sleeping like a baby in a bed of dust

Awakened by the whispering air, dreams of the old memories

Of family and friends, happiness and joy, love and trust

The musty smell of the photo album enlivened some aged stories.

Perhaps the time is not too strong to disfigure one’s past

A time reversal magical gift as long as it can last

The first page opens with the best couple in the world

A happy face of my sister as the next page unfurled.

Page by page walking down memory lane

Electrical pulses of  nerves triggered in the brain

Then I found myself on the eleventh page

Curly hair and plump face at that tender age.

Pages after pages fluttered in the air

Joyful and teary moments a lot to share

The last page is flung open single and empty

Life is waiting to unfold stories in plenty.

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