How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

During your lifetime, you will fall in love three times. And each of these relationships will teach you something important that you needed to learn about yourself.

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8. Scorpio –

You are capable of great passion and love, but you chose to suppress it because you are so cynical about love and lasting happiness. Your first and second relationships might have been a bit on the hastier side, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a third time. And this time you will learn to be pragmatic about love and all that it entails.


9. Sagittarius –

You too love to fall in love, so much that you’d do so around 4 times in your life. But initially, commitment might give you the jitters and as soon as things start getting serious you’d look for a way out. Don’t worry, these are all part of the learning process and sooner or later, you’ll get to a point when thinking of the future with someone gives you happiness, no worries.


10. Capricorn –

You’re as ambitious in your love life as you are in your professional life. So you know you’re going to go for the home run when you finally find someone you think worthy to spend your life with. You are able to look beyond the small things, the fights, and the problems, and work for building your relationship, together.

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11. Aquarius –

You are always obliged to choose between being independent and being in love. Both of these aspects are very important for your personality. With time you will learn that these need not be conflicting emotions at all. For this reason, you’ll experience love twice in your life. The first one might be a bit naive, but by the second time, a lot of doubts would have cleared in your head.


12. Pisces –

You always dreamt of having the fairy tale love story and secretly hope that it will come true for you. At the same time, you are also afraid that you will ruin it all somehow. But you need to give yourself more credit and brave whatever might come your way. You will fall in love only once in your life and it will be everything you dreamt of.

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How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac
How Many People You Are Destined to Fall In Love With Based On Your Zodiac

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