The Narcissist’s Family: The Roles Cast by the Narcissist

The Narcissist’s Family: The Roles Cast by the Narcissist

As long as his family plays each part perfectly they will be okay. They just need to avoid any action or phrase that will tarnish the image that he works so hard to maintain.

It is rare for a narcissist to raise another narcissist.

There have been theories that have been thrown around about narcissists breeding people who are equally as abusive, but studies show that if you have been raised by narcissist you’re much more likely to develop codependency.

A narcissist’s upbringing is centered on the idea of selfishness, and in his adult life he will search for people to aide him in building his grandiose pedestal. A codependent’s upbringing is centered on the idea selflessness, and in her adult life she will search for people to pour out her love to, in hopes that she will be loved in return with that same sacrifice that she so foolishly gives.

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When the two get together, it seems like a perfect partnership at first glance. To onlookers they are glorious, beautiful, and perfectly balanced. But, when one partner only gives and the other only takes, the fairytale love story falls into the cauldron and transforms into a poisonous apple…

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Narcissist’s Family

Written By Erika Robertson Originally Appeared On Art with Erika

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The Narcissist’s Family The Roles Cast by the Narcissist

9 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Family: The Roles Cast by the Narcissist”

  1. This is a great article that feels incomplete. I used to be that codependent person who has dealt with four of these people who make your life hell. Gave birth to one of them who is JUST LIKE her paternal grandmother. Bothers me how so many still leave out that this is often genetic and not just a lack of nurturing or some type of abuse. My daughter has already started assigning roles and my poor beautiful grandson is the invisible and has developed a stutter. I think maybe how this affects the children long term is the part that is left out here and maybe that’s why it feels incomplete to me but I have been reading and watching videos about this for five years now. If you have lived with one of these people; I am terribly sorry. Thank you for the article and yes the artwork is perfect.

    1. Erika Robertson

      Thank you so much for the compliments. I am so sorry to hear about the family dynamics that you are experiencing and witnessing. It is heart breaking, and thank you for the compliments about my art, as well.

      Regarding the article itself, I am not sure why, but it is not complete, at all (maybe the editor made a mistake during submission?) but here is a link to the original text on my own blog. The article and artwork details are here in their entirety.

  2. Really thought provoking- excellent study of dysfunctional family – portrayed very effectively by the picture.

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