The Narcissist Blame Game: Why It’s ALWAYS Your Fault?

The Narcissist Blame Game Why It's ALWAYS Your Fault

Deep in their heart, narcissists are well-aware of their character flaws and how society perceives them. What makes things worse is the inability of narcissists to repair shame. They fear public humiliation and abandonment and to avoid such a mess they learn early in their life to never admit mistakes. So, they will twist the facts, manipulate you so that you don’t reach the depth of their disloyalty.

“Narcissists hate to get rained on because it ruins the mask.” – Tracy Malone

So, narcissists blame you for everything and tactfully manage a good impression. It’s you who will always end up as culprit (if you are naive and mentally disturbed). For those who are experienced in handling narcissistic relationships will never be enamored with the charming tactics of blaming and impression management.

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But, Dr. George Simon argues that blaming to avoid shame may be the case sometimes. Contrary to this old thinking he says today most narcissists are shameless with severe deficiency of empathy – a trait of malignant narcissism. Hence, they don’t experience moral scruple that can prevent them to do manipulation, injustice or wrong to you.

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What can you do when narcissists blame it’s all your fault?

“Maybe, the lesson we can all learn from the inner sadness of a Narcissist is to see through our own fabrications, our own illusions so that we can be set free to be real once more.” –  Shannon L. Alder

You need a high level of self-awareness so that you can peel off that fake mask and become less susceptible to manipulations and narcissistic abuse. How did you handle narcissist blame game? Could you ever make them admit their defective behavior? Let us know in the comments.

The Narcissist Blame Game: Why It's ALWAYS Your Fault?
The Narcissist Blame Game Why It's ALWAYS Your Fault Pin
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