The Mushroom Spoke Again

The Mushroom Spoke Again

they used to be androgyny,

but they learnt how to speak –

now they can say how much it hurts

when one of the sexes runs away from its own ending -its own Self,

(towards which it actually yearns all of its life in order to be whole again);

so they detached and carved painfully in Stone:

now there is YOU

and now there is ME

now we are loneliness …..

all of his life the man is in search of his woman,

the woman – of her man,

we are androgynous indeed

happy only as ONE –

fortunate is the one who finds the missing piece -the other sex of the Self;

unfortunate are those suffocated by loneliness becoming greedy and forever demanding:

i want more, i want everything,

give me more, give me everything –

give me that which is not mine !!!


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