The most beautiful part of astrology – I love the most

Apparently, it looks as though they should be have made a blunder. But actually, it is not so ignominious if we take a different view about it by looking at the fact that we can prove the Pythagorean Theorem, in not just one or two ways, in as many as 122 different ways as have been listed at the site and we know – none of them is invalid.

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The same way, we may say, though the aspects could have been assigned in many different ways – it does not imply that the way they assigned the aspects should have been an invalid way of allotting various aspects.

Of course, every different way would have led to the evolution of a different pattern of astrology. Though it is true – the best thing would have been to have tried out all the options before settling down for any particular pattern.

Who knows, they may have tried out some of the other options as well before embracing the option they finally got crocheted to?

You would be amazed to know that they were not any fools who developed the astrology.

They seem to have prepared an exhaustive list of the types of events that happen in our life and tried to collect information about the planets that should have been found to have been residing in various houses at the time such events should have occurred in case of the individuals having each and every Ascendant Sign, as depicted in the following diagram.

In which, the box on the left side on the top reflects the type of incident that may be taking place in life as “A”.

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The box on the right side on the top shows the Houses various planets may have occupied at the time of birth of the person in whose life such an event may have occurred as “B” and the box below on the left, shows his Ascendant Sign – “C”.

The grey area shown inside the three circles A, B and C, on the right side – shows the Houses various planets should have occupied at the time the incident “A” should have occurred in his life.

The people who undertook this project must have been very clear in their mind that if they succeeded in putting together all such bits of information of all types of events that may occur in our life, it would clear their way to be able to predict what was expected to happen in our entire life since based on the position various planets should have occupied at the time of somebody’s birth it was not at all difficult to calculate what position they shall occupy on any future date in their life, based on the “orbital times” of all the planets.

Can you think of any better way of solving the puzzle of knowing what may happen in our life based on the date of our birth and our Ascendant Sign?

Of course, we agree – how accurate may be the predictions entirely, depends on how accurate information they should have gathered about all sort of events though it is true – they could not have collected such bits of information related to the techniques such as “Stem-cell Therapy” or “Transplantation of the malfunctioning organs of the body” that are able to give us a new lease of life.

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