The most beautiful part of astrology – I love the most

It does not come as a big surprise if we stop using the things that may lose their utility. But it is quite painful if we stop using even the things that have not lost their utility, to name it – “Astrology”.

Here is a ground-breaking story that suggests – if we think that astrology has lost its utility, it reflects only our ineptness and ignorance more than anything else.

The story that breaks the stigma about astrology

It so happened that about thirty years back, one of my well-known astrologers once told one of my colleagues that his stars forebode that he shall not have any sexual relations with not only his wife anymore – not even with any other woman.

This is something that can be very well predicted by analysing the effect the planets occupying the seventh house may have on our lives.

However, since he believed that the stars can’t be telling any lies, this prediction got stamped firmly into his mind.

So, he reconciled himself to such a fate and spent thirty years of his life in hard agony instead of looking up into the possibility of tiding the situation by talking out.

Actually, the reason of his not trying out talking it out with his wife was his ego and his being an introvert as a result of the planets that occupied the second house in his horoscope which caters to one’s innate skills.

I hope if he would have known about it, he would have joined some school to have improved upon his communication-skills rather than ravaging his entire life soaked in grief.

If we go between the lines, we can say even though it may have been predestined in his life to have suffered due to the planets that occupied the second house and the seventh house of his horoscope, he could have rewritten his destiny instead of bowing out to the stars.

The most interesting thing about it is that it is only the astrology through which he could have got alerted about the reason.

So, we can’t say – astrology has lost its usefulness to us.  The very fact that such a prediction should have come out to have been so true is a proof by itself about the sanguinity of astrology.

Though we can decry that it is very disheartening that it should be so deeply steeped into a scramble of mythological folktales, it is also true that everything about it is not so much lopsided that we may push it aside.

Many people argue that it is abominable that they should not have any scientific basis to have decided upon which aspects of life are catered to by which house, actually it is not so as can be easily observed by checking the aspects covered by even the second house and the seventh house that have been referenced in this story.

Aspects logged to the Second House

This house rules a person’s financial prosperity, profit and loss, material resources, attitude towards earning money and the ability to earn money, the family, vocal communication and self-worth. It does not cater to only what one may own in terms of tangible things but even one’s feelings and emotions, as well as his vision and power of observation. It includes his interaction with close relatives such as grandfather, grandmother, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters as well.

An astrologer assesses how various planets residing in this house may impact the aspects logged to this house.

Aspects logged to the Seventh House

This house rules a person’s relationship with the spouse, marriage, partnerships, legal bondages, lawsuits, quarrels, divorce, his enemies and competitors as well as his rivals.

An astrologer assesses how various planets residing in this house impact the aspects covered by this house the same way as in case of the second house.

But the most obnoxious thing about the aspects assigned by them to various houses is – why the aspects assigned to the second house could not have been assigned to the seventh house or yet some other house and, the same way, why the aspects assigned to the seventh house couldn’t have been assigned to the second house or to some house other than second or the seventh house?

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