The Most Arrogant Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most To Least


7. Sagittarius

They will never zip their lips until they have kick-started an apocalypse. They refuse to understand where to draw the line. If there is one thing worse than H-bombs, then it is the banter of this sign. The sad thing is, he may not be actively trying to be that way. He genuinely just likes discussing himself, and his life. Only.


8. Scorpio

Scorpions aren’t perpetually drowning in arrogance. But piss one of us off, and we will have you swinging back and forth from the gates of Hell. We put in the best of our efforts into being a nice human being in general, but our moods are as stable as the water in a river. When we are angry, it is best to stay away from us. We lose complete control, and turn into the Hulk, rampaging and ruining everything in our way.


9.  Aries

They may be quite straight-forward, but they are not famous for arrogant behavior. People generally like him, so he does not have to use force to get his way. It happens voluntarily. Like every human being, Aries have traits too. They can be very selfish when they want to be. Do not test his patience if you don’t want to ruin his good guy act. Their manners are only for people who treat them well, and with respect.


10. Libra

The only time you will witness their arrogant behavior is when they are suppressing a vengeful anger. They generally avoid conflict and are too scared of facing situations to ever invite a war. He would prefer to keep his distance, nourish a grudge, than actually sorting it out. The latter would involve confronting them socially, and that is an absolute no-go for them.


11. Gemini

They are like the chipmunks in movies who try to act really tough. They will say things like, “I’m not afraid of anybody”, and, “Let’s show them who is boss”, but would actually shiver to death if the chance should arise. They are one warrior you cannot count on during necessity. His defense mechanism makes him make promises bigger than he can ever hope to deliver.


12. Pisces

Being at the bottom of this list, you have already guessed their arrogance quotient. He is too insecure to actually believe that he is better than the vast majority of people. He is also a friendly guy in general and likes being somebody you can easily depend upon. If you should bully him, then he will fight for his self-respect. But under no circumstance will he ever pour out his arrogance. He likes peace, and he would, without any doubt, choose it over drama any day.

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The Most Arrogant Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most To Least pin


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