THE Moment

THE Moment

Every moment, or better,
THE moment, is the challenge.

How it is perceived and
what arises from it
results from awareness.

The conditioned mind re-acts to all emotions
as pre-programmed,
instead of accepting the moment intuitively
and responding to it consciously.

The usual unconscious, automatic re-action
is based on the mind
and he is constantly “comparing” with the past
or imagining what might result in the future.

This unconscious state keeps me trapped
in this hamster wheel
and leaves nothing new.

The conditioned mind uses me,
I feel like I’m what he tells me to be,
even though he’s an ingenious tool.

Since “HE” notices that “I” observe
and consciously perceive “HIM”,

the moment is freer and not automatically “pre-defined”
with past memories or future dangers,

but can be experienced as “new”!

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