The Moment

The Moment

Hope and fear go hand in hand.
Don’t be too positive,
You may end disappointed.
Don’t lose your hope,
You will become pathetic.

There will come a time
When your stomach churns,
You get an urgent need to pee,
Wishing the earth to open up
And take you in,
Wishing to disappear,
Wishing things happen magically.
The need to face it dauntless.

Yes that hopeful hopeless moment.
The moment when you doubt yourself,
The moment that is filled with ‘ifs’,
The moment of uncertainty,
It just kills the person.

With every growing second, you’ll be
Getting one step closer to a heart seizure,
Reminding yourself to breathe,
Fighting the strong urge to run away,
Restraining yourself from
frantically screaming,
Struggling to keep the insanity within,
With a poised and calm outer self,
Bamboozling others and self,
You just wait for SOMETHING,
ANYTHING to happen.

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