The Mirror

The Mirror

The Mirror

The cabin had been in Nicole’s family for generations; her great-great-grandfather built it when he married and started the family. It had been kept up nicely, seeing as her family had either lived or vacationed there multiple times a year, since being built. All throughout her childhood, Nicole remembers playing with memorabilia year after year– but one thing she always steered away from because upon looking, all her thoughts turned twisted and dark, was that mirror. Something horrible happened, but she never could bring herself to ask her parents; partly because she can’t recall them being present any year they vacationed, following her 9th birthday.

Despite not having her parents this year, Nicole was going to make the best of her stay at the cabin, being it was her birthday weekend. It was the middle of February and there was still snow and ice everywhere. She arrived shortly before dark but didn’t go straight inside; standing on the doorstep, staring at the door for what seemed like hours. It was after dark when she finally snapped back to reality, making her way inside the cabin and looking around slowly. Then from the corner of her eye, she noticed something in the dining room she had never noticed before– the mirror was gone. Had someone come in and finally removed it? When was it taken down? Did her parents come without telling her?

Nicole went about her night; made tea checked in and around the property for her own peace of mind, and watched a scary movie, just like her parents did with her growing up. What seemed like minutes later, Nicole was woken up by familiar voices in the cabin; she looked up over the couch where she fell asleep and standing there in the doorway was her parents. They looked at her, not able to move; her father starts to speak, “How can you be so grown up? You died when that old mirror crushed you at your 9th birthday party.”

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