The Minute I Saw You

The Minute I Saw You

The minute I saw you,

Protecting you wasn’t just an option,

It was my purpose for life,

Saving you from all the things around.

Did a good job, I should say,

Eventually, the world had its way,

One arrow too many, it proved,

Took away the one I loved.

Maybe I should have done more,

I should have made you an armor,

Life doesn’t work that way, though,

Danger lurks every corner you go.

Maybe I should have taught you more,

About the dangers galore,

A little bit of self defence,

And to build your own fence.

That’s not what I wanted for you,

Not a life of looking over your shoulders,

Not a life fencing yourself in,

But a life living it to the fullest.

Not to be though, not in this life,

This world wouldn’t just allow it,

You had to be always on alert,

Till one day when you chose to rest.

Rest for eternity, I hope you will,

This world didn’t deserve you,

So long, you beautiful angel,

Take my love with you, wherever you go.

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