The mindful means to meditation

The mindful means to meditation

Whosoever is reading here right now is producing every moment, even while reading this article. We live in a factory of ourselves, producing every moment of our conscious waking state a thread, a wave of situational concern and imaginary episodes. Every moment you are continuously producing a language about phenomena. That is why we call our conscious selves as production houses.

The question is not about stopping this production but of handling and dealing with the production. Stopping is possible for brief periods but not for every moment of your waking state even if you intend to do it with the popular meditation practices, since you have to at least produce a thought about meditation and make a conscious effort of talking yourself through it. Even though thoughtless existence can be achieved, let’s think just in case, what good does it do? One needs production to survive through the world. Living without any thought is like living in automation. You will retire from the very definition of being a human if you cease to produce thoughts.

The key here is to manage the production. Learning how to deal with the outcome of the factory product. It is natural to keep producing thoughts every moment, how can we stop nature? Can you stop your intestines from managing the food? Can you stop your heart from pumping? Every organ has a function and so is the mind. This is why we have the mind. Having an organ with no function is not rational so why stop the mind from doing what it is meant to do? We were naturally born to think. Our gross and subtle organs are there to help us navigate our existence. Why stop their functioning?

Meditation to me is not to stop your mind but to talk to your mind. Don’t just let it keep producing mindlessly, why waste what is being made? Production is mandatory for survival but monitor the mind when it is in the process of making and breaking waves of opinions, arguments, talks. When it starts, observe it. Observe every wave arising and passing and again talk to yourself, how much did you need out of it? Be mindful about what is being produced and how much is being produced.

We need to observe rather than participate and let every wave arise and grow strong and then grow weaker and then pass away. It’s an ocean where waves always arise but the trick is to allow and not avoid. The trick is to observe and not indulge. Tell your production house to produce and keep producing, it’s natural, but also tell your production house that you are not buying everything!!! Receive, review and realize! Relax!

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