The Men Who Will Treat You As A Queen And Those Who Definitely Won’t According to The Zodiac Sign These are definitely the men you want in your life!!



Scorpio (23 Oct – 21 Nov)

Scorpio men are fierce, intense and very passionate. Although you might be their queen, it’s best not to expect a lot of pampering from them all the time. He won’t be indulging you with grand fancy gestures but will worship you like a Goddess in bed. All of their attention and praise ooze out during intimate moments and that’s when you can truly feel how much you mean to them. In other times, they will consider you to be their equal.


Libra (23 Sept- 22 Oct)

We all know that Libra always tries his level best to please everyone. As he has a tough time refusing, he doesn’t indulge in pampering you all the time just because you demand it. They’ll treat you with all the love but not give in to your posts.


Aquarius (20 Jan- 18 Feb)

For Aquarius, it’s more important to connect deeply and truly love each other than pleasing you with gifts. It feels superficial to him. He wants both of you to put in similar efforts into the relationship, and he wants you to be with him for who he is and not the gifts.


Sagittarius (22 Nov- 19 Dec)

Sagittarius love to have fun and be adventurous, with cute dates and gifts occasionally. They want to have a strong beautiful relationship and not feel like they are your babysitter.


Gemini (21 May- 20 June)

You shouldn’t expect princess treatment from him. He’ll hold hands and love you dearly but be pampering you all the time is something he isn’t into. He feels it’ll be boring and so special surprises and occasions are the times for such treatment.


Aries (21 Mar- 19 Apr)

Aries wants a really romantic and equal relationship. Pampering with gifts is something that should be occasional, as otherwise, it seems too materialistic.

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The Men Who Will Treat You As A Queen And Those Who Definitely Won't According to The Zodiac Sign (2)