The ME That Matters

The ME That Matters

Sometimes I wonder how many persons are there in me, like how many minds I have, how many hearts I have!

It’s not like I’m delusional or something , I just wonder. like I know for sure that the ME who wakes up every morning is different from the Me who hangs out with friends in the evening or who decides to do some exercises in the morning!.

It’s funny because I always whenever I have to make a change, a question pops up in my head, ” what would the attitude of the future ME would be if I take this decision? how would it effect her? ”. I stopped to realize that I’m not responsible only  for my present ME, but also I’m responsible for the future ME, the one who will take the wheels and steer my life for a while till another ME comes and replaces her and so on..

” Then I must give every ME what she deserves, what she enjoys the most. I’m responsible for all the Me’s within me.” I said to myself.

” But the me I am now, is thinking of the other Me’s, well, will the other Me’s think of my current me? will they think of each others’ interests ? ” 

” No, No.. I want to cut off this nonsense! ”.

” But really, will the other coming Me’s think of me? think of my sacrifices, my choices ? Will they even spare some time to do so?.  No I don’t think so, I’m just being unfair with Me, ”

The former scenario despite being silly and making no sense at all, is a scenario we all should be asking ourselves every single day.

Just imagine yourself a ME and everybody else around you is another ME. Do they deserve sacrificing yourself for?
Do they deserve to burn yourself for? do they deserve to let them steer your life for a period of time? or do they deserve to waste your time on? or spend your time in grief for them?.

No one deserves to control your life, or to put you down, or to make you feel like and outsider.

Just remember the ME you are is what deserves your attention, your time and effort.

and ONLY,only the good Me’s, that love you or care about you matter.

So wake up everyday, knowing what Me you will be and what Mes do really matter to you.

And give every Me, that you are, a fair share of this life.

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