The Mad Hatter

Today is my anniversary!
For the day I gone mad.
Usually, my life is depressing
and very, very sad.
Let me tell you about it,
for here’s what I have to say…
As I start to remember
what it was like in very early May.
The bees looked like hip-hop dancing frogs and
the cows ran around in gigantic clogs.
When I turned mad,
I lost my normal memory and
that was very bad.
So I forgot how to do normal things
like riding a bike.
But somehow I remembered how to take a cross-eyed hike.
Normal things were messed up,
so I decided to go down.
Now I know how crazy I kind of sound.
You gotta believe that I’ve gone mad.
And if you do, I’ll be very, indeed, glad.
I hope you understand,
that I’ve gone crazily mad.

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