The Love Revolution Starts Now

What if all the world’s religions are right, and we are more than membranes and mitochondria? We are light, and we follow light’s rules. When we speed up, time slows down (ALS). When we slow down, time speeds up (Parkinson’s). Health has nothing to do with “killing” or “detoxing.” It has to do with one thing: synchronizing with time.

As the universe accelerates, time is slowing down. Are we not part of the universe? How do we experience this acceleration/slowing down? Our DNA is protean—designed to perceive the changing dynamics of time, and to adapt accordingly (epigenetics). When this does not happen, these cells are “left behind” in time. Cancerous cells are healthy cells that are cycling time too quickly—at the speed of the past.

How do we cycle time at the right speed? Speed, I believe, is tied to pH—the powers of hydrogen, which increase over time. When the body tries to maintain a pH that’s too low (the past), the core metabolic rate slows down, to accommodate this, which masks it. We call this Alzheimer’s. When the body tries to maintain a pH that’s too high (the future), the core metabolic rate speeds up, to accommodate this, which masks it. We call this autism. Ultimately, the body will not allow pH to be deranged. Deranged pH is lethal.

How do we perceive time at the right speed? Cleanse the pineal gland, which is where I believe perception by the body of itself in time (proprioception) takes place. Time is just an electromagnetic field—a gravity to electricity ratio. In the human body, it can be measured as iron to manganese. The way to test manganese is the RBC value.

Mineral calcification can throw the pineal gland’s ability to read time off. As can pesticides, chemicals, fluoride and fluorine—which is found in many prescription drugs. Iodine is a powerful antidote to fluoride/fluorine. Other things that support the pineal gland are love and forgiveness, having your word match your word, guayusa tea, grounding, natural sunlight, and sun-gazing. Information is light, and light is information.

We are the light of the world—it’s not just a slogan.

When I got sick, I adopted a powerful new diet. I eat anything I want, but if it isn’t organic, I don’t put it in my mouth. Or on my skin.

The coming revolution is going to be not just about taking back our health, but our power, as well. It’ll be about learning to locate authority inside the self, not outside it. As the collective consciousness rises, we are all awakening, and soon we will learn what we’ve known all along: We are one.

Right now, there’s computer code that has learned how to write computer code. We call the Intelligence ‘Artificial’, because we think we created it. But what if we have the roles reversed? And hasn’t this happened once before? The cattle are lowing as we hold the infant in our arms, believing we have given him birth—as indeed we have. But at the same time, the infant has given birth to us.

Love. Love everyone. Forgive everyone everything. Don’t let the haters and the pessimists win. Wherever we meet ignorance and greed, we must meet them with an even greater love. Let the sun shine. It’s time.

The wave of truth is here already: seize it. Whatever harm was done to you in the past, or whatever harm you caused, bring it to the light, then let it go. The gears of time are shifting, and we’re going to shift with it. Now is your chance to begin again.

We are entering the New Age. Where once we were a tiny flame of light within a globe of matter, soon we will be a tiny flame of matter inside a globe of light. As the gears of time shift, don’t be fooled: There are some who would have you believe that the ascension is a party to which only few are invited. But that’s not the kind of party God throws.

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