The Lost Wonders Of Time

The Lost Wonders Of Time

The Lost Wonders Of Time

It feels like the journey has just begun.

Turned my head,

Walked on and traveled,

Through the path,

All fellow men traversed long ago.

Year by year and so,

Into the awaited horizons,

Of mixed colors and unfathomed sky,

Cast upon the other-self of me as one-eyed.

Wildfire under the will was unplumbed,

Though flesh decayed, bones grew each day,

While generous blood-fed my dreams,

Often unprepared yet fought off the demons.

Now, I often hear

The tintinnabulation,

The lub and dub,

Of love pulsates all through my heart.

Slow yet it’s a start.

Your eyes like angels from the nightly sky,

Trace the trails of a shooting star.

And I,

Just wait to pick up the burnt silvers,

Of all the lost wonders of time.


Arun Bahadur Gurung