The Lost Love

lost love

I wandered and wondered;

over the hills and over ocean.

In search of your glimpse,

in search of our lost love.

I wandered and wandered

day and night, 

querying about you,

from sun and stars.

I wandered and wandered

into the dark woods and

to the core of the earth

to find my lost heart.

I wandered and wandered

to the universe in a quest

but at last found myself lonely

in a corner with broken heart.

I ran and ran, from you 

when you were there

loving me every day,

when all I gave you sorrows 

and heart breaks.

And now here I‘m wandering for you

knowing that you are gone far away

but with a hope I‘m living

so I can have your last glimpse

and I miss you like crazy beast.

-By Shobhna Kanwar

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