The longing never dies, the child in me cries to get back to you again

The longing never dies, the child in me cries to get back to you again
Ramya Raghuraman 

The longing never dies
The child in me cries
To get back to you again
But I am ready 

to endure the pain.

Christopher Anthony

A small part of me 
will Always be with you

Jackie De Klerk 

Although our bodies are in a messy state, 
strolling past strangers, 
our inner children hunger 
to reach out to one another. 
Remember and listen 
to your inner child before it’s too late.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Their Ego made them walk away
Their alter ego, the child in them, 

wished them to stay.

Shubhra Singh 

We lie
We hide
But our inner selves just collide
They take glances of each other
And say in pride
That they miss each other
And in each other’s thin skin
They ,with their instincts
Just slowly slide.

Sulekha Pande 

It’s our love,
that has gone stale,
but once upon a time,
it was a fairy tale,
what if we can’t
face each other today,
the child in us will crave,
for the bygone era,
of our love,
every minute, every hour,

Rinku Shah 

We may part ways,
But strange are those days
When nothing matters,
Everything shatters.
Age and Ego separated us
Though the child in us has no fuss.
Adios for now!
We will meet again somehow
Waving to each other, we said Ciao!

Erna Duspara

Farewell my love
forget me not.
I’ll remember you always
no matter what.
Forever together
frozen in time.
Inside me you’ll live
my soulmate of mine.

Michelle Lewis 

Time changes everything! 
In time we lose 
the Innocent people we once were 
and life corrupts our souls. 
Leaving behind the time 
we were the most pure.

Cassie Engelken

Soul mates. 
Their inner child (soul) 
instantly recognized one another 
from previous lives, 
but this current life told them 
they couldn’t be together.

Anjana Surendran 

For seasons without reasons 
we dwelled on each other 
with commitment and compassion 
but least did the inner-self could recognize 
the flaw that farewell is meant worthwhile 
and to part is what destined.

Felicia Holmes 

I never showed you how much 
I wanted you to stay,
Because I was afraid that one day 

you would just walk away

Frankie Crabtree 

My soul would have 
recognized yours anywhere.

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