The Little Mouse and a piece of cake

That night, or was it early morning when the moon was still high?

I only remember the little mouse in the drawer making scratching sounds as he was trying to get to the sweets.

I had a piece of cake and I put it a little in front of me on the carpet, as I watched while I was sitting on your bed.

The little mouse took a piece and ran away, he came back for another piece of chocolate cake.
I started scratching on the carpet with my finger in a playful way, and the little mouse played to.

I asked you if you thought that the little guy was okay because he started to run up and down playfully but really fast.

I do think about the little mouse sometimes and if maybe it died of a sugar overdose, but I guess it only had a sugar high and it was really happy.

Well, the little mouse made me feel happy while I watched the cuteness of what was happening on the carpet as I was sitting on your bed.

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