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The Kind Of Toxic People You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Toxic People Attract Zodiac Sign

These snobs are irked by your self-reliability so they befriend you to know your insecurities, and weaknesses and break your self-esteem down. They try to dim your shine and destroy the kindness that you radiate.


5. Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Toxic People Attract leo
The Kind Of Toxic People You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You attract: Arrogant Assholes

You are the complete package, Leo with faithfulness running through your veins and a heart of gold. You are an incredibly generous sign, who is always there for others, and who goes out of their way to support their loved ones. Unfortunately, the type you attract is shameless rebounders and arrogant people.

These people simply use you to make their exes feel jealous, all the while ripping you off for everything you got. They don’t care about you at all, and only care about what they can squeeze out of you for their own happiness and most importantly, benefit. Leos will attract those people who sneer at others and make insensitive jokes about others. But sadly, you never try to change yourself or the people you attract.


6. Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

Toxic People Attract virgo
The Kind Of Toxic People You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You attract: Attention Seekers

Virgos are people-pleasers, and you think about everyone around you, way too much. Also, you don’t like to be the center of attraction, but you want to keep everyone around you happy, fulfilled, and content. You always put other people before yourself. Most of the time, you are like a parental figure who only wants to take care of others. And that is why you tend to attract attention seekers.

Attention seekers take full advantage of this as they are in need of people who would make them the center of their attention and pamper them to the moon and back. Such immature people take everything for granted, and never do anything nice for you. Generally, people avoid attention seekers. Sadly, these people get what they need from you as you are the only one who validates them and strokes their ego.

But remember, that you are supposed to be their partner, not caretaker.


7. Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Toxic People Attract libra
The Kind Of Toxic People You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You attract: Victims

Librans are people who would go to any lengths to help someone, especially the ones they love. They are people who prioritize someone else’s needs above theirs, which is why they are probably the most helpful zodiac signs out there. An open-minded and good-natured person, you want what’s best for your loved ones.

As it is very hard for a Libran to say ‘no’ to someone, people who need constant validation, affection, and approval seek you out. These cry-babies act like parasites in your life and suck away your time, energy, and money. Suffering from a perpetual victim mentality, these victims tell different stories of their pain and struggle to draw your attention and continue to feed on your kindness.

You are in dire need to set personal boundaries and you should know when and where to stop giving, otherwise, you will have nothing left in yourself.


8. Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)

Toxic People Attract scorpio
The Kind Of Toxic People You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You attract: Narcissists

People under this zodiac sign are extremely passionate and emotional, even though they don’t always show it. You are someone who is unable to see the pain in others and are always moved by sadness and tragedy. Being natural healers, you are like a pilgrim for broken people. At the same time, you are a very strong person, inside and out. So, is it really a surprise that you attract narcissists, who are some of the most toxic people out there?

Narcissists are fame lovers, and they get highly attracted to people who are reputed, strong-minded, and exudes a fierce personality. They talk about their unfortunate past and to manipulate you into sympathizing with them and make use of your goody-goody nature to get their narcissistic supply.

Interestingly enough, once you understand the reality of them and see their true colors, you are the first person to throw a narcissist out of your life.


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