The Key To Knowledge Is Freedom

John Silver


The key to knowledge is freedom.


Karen MacLeod


The key for self discovery
will lure your shadow self
into the pure stories of a life 
you have yet to open.
Jackie De Klerk

The key to escape reality is just a book away


Chinhita Bose – Chinchi


Knowledge pleads
 in the captivity of ignorance..
“Take the key and set me free..”
Sherry Greene


Books imprison 
the words of the authors.
Your reading frees them.
Debra Pry


Escape with knowledge,
You hold the key.


Rajeev K Singh


Wisdom is trapped inside the book,
Open it with key by pulling the hook.
You will be a changed person by time,
Your contentment & gratitude will shine.
Dont wait for the right time to make it happen,
Steal any moment and make it right.


Divya Tuli Garg


Books are keys to knowledge. 
They unlock your world 
and open doors to new horizon. 
Noor Fatima

Knowledge has been locked up
In the form of words,
Sandwiched between the pages
begging to be read!
Eagerly peeping from the window,
In a hope to find any shadow
Of a person who can fathom its wisdom
and open the lock
for an everlasting freedom!




Open me and eliminate the gloom.
Read me and Your life shall bloom.
FYI, I am knowledge’s boon.
I light up the world like a midnight moon.
Without me, the world shall see it’s doom.
So come open the lock soon…


Kathleen Coffey


To open a book is to unlock a power,
Transfixed by its beauty, hour after hour.
Transport your mind, lose yourself in its pages,
The key to your imagination, all through the ages.



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