The journey we perform on the celestial roller coaster

The journey we perform on the celestial roller coaster

Though it is quite thrilling to ride a roller coaster – many people feel quite terrified when they reach the highest point above the ground level and start zooming downward at a terrifying speed. They feel terrified because they can see the height from which they climb down.

Many get even a nauseating feeling. Though we don’t notice, the speed at which they climb down on a roller coaster is nothing as compared to the speed at which we spin around the axis of the earth one round a day, every day or the speed at which we also revolve around the sun as the earth revolves around the sun along with its all baggage (like us), we also revolve around the Milky Way along with the sun at the speed at which the sun zooms around the black-hole of our galaxy (carrying not only the earth, carrying even its all other planets circling around it, as well) and we even swing upward and downward along with the sun as it swings above the galactic plane and below the galactic plane as shown in the following diagram.

Movement of Sun through Galactic ,Plane

We revolve, along with the sun, around the centre of the galaxy at a whopping speed of 250 km per second in an orbit having a radius of 3×10^4 light years.

Yet, we never feel nauseated a bit.

Do you know why?

We don’t get nauseated just because we don’t see that we are swirling around in the space (which is absolutely dark on all sides) in so many myriad ways, as described above.

Certainly, even the hearts of the most enduring people shall freeze if they could see themselves swirling around the space in a much more terrifying manner than on any man-made roller coaster, anywhere in the world.

You may guess the “excruciating wilderness” of the roller coaster we race through in gross darkness coolly sitting on the earth – much the same way as we saddle in the carriage of some man-made roller coaster.

The only difference in the man-made roller coasters and the celestial roller coaster is that it is

  • quadrillions times bigger than any man-made roller coaster
  • we can’t see – at what height we are zooming in the space in so many multiple ways in a manner as we zoom on various man-made roller coasters for fun

May be, we do not feel giddy despite swirling in space in so many weird ways as we should have felt if we would have been able to see our frightening surroundings through which we happen to swirl all our life in the space that stretches across us, perched on the earth, only because we do not notice that we are swirling in this manner in the space; there may be, yet, one more reason of our not feeling nauseated.

The other reason for our not getting nauseated 

There has to be some other reason as well since though we may not be able to see ourselves swirling – we are, anyway, swirling in the space. So, rightly speaking, we should feel giddy.    

Maybe – we feel nauseated only as long as we swirl at the speeds below certain “thresholds” – but not when we swirl at the speeds which shoot beyond such thresholds.

Of course, I do not have any veritable data on hand to support such a view.

But I am hypothesizing this possibility simply on the basis that I can’t think of any other possibility besides such possibility.

Though I expect that you would be aware of the stressful journey we perform in this roller coaster, which we could call “celestial roller coaster”, you would get an idea of the weirdness of the somersaulting we keep on doing, day-in day-out, whole of our life even if we looked at the following diagram, which shows the movement of the earth around the sun.

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