The Journey Back To Myself!

Journey Back To Myself

The Journey Back To Myself!

Finally, when I stopped looking for the way which I lost, I found the way back home – to myself!!

To all my beloved readers and friends… If you have ever felt disheartened or left out for losing one or a few of life’s battles, let me tell you that there is a beautiful home that awaits you with its doors wide open and happy to greet you.

Yes, that home could be the very own self of yours- the person called YOU!

During this pandemic Covid-19 and the lockdown, hasn’t it been too strange on how we all have come back to our homes, inside the four walls seeking safety from the threat? How quickly could we rush back and slam the doors leaving outside all that we believed to be ours till the previous day?

Fortunately, the walls embraced us and the doors kept us safe to this day. The home, made us realize that it is not just a place to reside, but to retire too. It is a place where we could rightfully run and hide, no matter how many times we had taken it for granted and we left every day, chasing the materialistic charm.

Likewise, our very own self has been there always for us, but most often overlooked; we had been busy prioritizing others! And now, in this period of Social Distancing, haven’t we all got an opportunity to meet ourselves? As we all could travel back from the large world outside to the small world inside, haven’t we experienced self-realization?

Indeed, it has been so to me. It was a journey back to myself, the home that we often run out from… the space that we most often ignore, embracing all that was external.

Yes, during this time of Social Distancing, I could meet my very own self!! And interestingly, that made a love story of me, forgetting the distractions outside for a while and focusing on myself, knowing more of the person I am, feeling worth for the human I’ve been.

Loving yourself is not a selfish act as it has been portrayed somewhere along the journey we all have been brought up. The world that we live in had somewhere set it as a culture to love others more than you love yourself and to give more than what you receive. Neither the school nor the home had ever taught us to pay attention or prioritize ourselves first. So we lived loving others, giving more than we had, and being generous enough to keep the happiness of the people around.

Most often, we find ourselves falling back to our homes when the rest of the places we spent time slam their doors. Or we could even say, we get back to our homes when it gets dark or when the night falls. Ridiculously, in real life too, we tend to fall back to ourselves when some darkness surrounds us.

It is then, mostly we tend to run and hide within ourselves. And it is then we know the warmth of our own cocoon. Remember, this is a space within yourself where you need not fake perfection to be accepted.

Having said all these, let us remind ourselves to pay attention to ourselves first. And let us stop feeling that nasty guilt for prioritizing our own happiness before the people around us or the things we chase. Let us be reminded that anyone can walk away just like anything in the world can perish; but the only one who will stay beside you forever is yourself.

So, love yourself first! And let the rest follow.

Shehla Ashkar

Shehla Ashkar is a passionate writer, poet and the author of the book, 'The Voice of Silence'. The book has been published by Partridge Publishers. At profession, she is a competent Brand Strategist and Corporate Communication consultant, who is engaged in working for various Brands and businesses. Writing has always been her most attached passion and writing poetry according to her has been her meditation. It is one thing that she finds herself amused or refreshed with, in her leisure time! She has written a good number of poems and articles that has been published in some of the anthologies/journals. At home, she is a daughter, wife and a mom to three lovely lives!View Author posts