The INFJ Personality Types and Their Demons



Another misconception is that because INFJs are so good at handling their emotions, they can never get angry. But in reality, they do get angry and it is worse than being angered easily. Because they have patience they usually react in a more composed manner than most, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the frustration at all. It just keeps piling up inside them, and one day it all comes crashing down, even though the occasion might not have warranted such an outburst.


High expectations:

The INFJs achieve whatever they have set their heart on. They always strive to be better than the best, in anything they attempt, be it in their professional life or personality. But the problems start when they begin holding others to these impossibly high standards. Not the entire world, but just people they consider very close. This makes way for eventual disappointment and then they start questioning the foundations of their relationships. In almost all the cases the things are not as bad as they perceive.

The door slam (INFJ)


Inability to be diplomatic:

An INFJ personality type would never look for a politer or neutral way to say things. They are blunt and straightforward. Though these are positive qualities, but in the case of the INFJ personality type, the case is usually more along the lines of too-much-of-a-good-thing.



As mentioned before, there are a lot of reasons why the INFJs are wary of the world. And when someone gives them the legitimate reason to be defensive they do so without abandon. They take things to the extreme and completely cut off contact with people who have hurt them. Although you’d think that it is the correct thing to do, the INFJ do it more often and more intensely than is normal for our functioning as social beings.



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The INFJ Personality Types and Their Demons

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