The Height of Summer

The Height of Summer

I had the thought earlier-
This was the day,
Summer at its peak.

That summertime air,
It sticks to the soul like honey melts on the tongue.

I wanted it, even while I had it.
Like young love, so poetic and profound.
The kind of love that only comes around once.
You love with everything because the first time,
You never know how hard it hurts to lose.
That fleeting feeling only makes you hungrier, greedier;
Desperate to hold on, one more moment.

It was that kind of day.

Nothing special, the simplicity made it so.
Lana Del Ray in the speakers,
Vegetables simmering in butter,
An open window, a ceiling fan, and the sun setting;
Closing a chapter of your favorite book.

It was that day where even in the ending,
New beginnings were unfolding.
Like the plot twist, when you expected the story to end.

The voice, the dreams, and the man, took shape in my mind.

It was the night.
The kind of night where crickets sing lullabies,
And the stars canopy your dreams,
While the earth becomes a cradle.

It was not unique, my presence made it so.

Things were said;
Especially in the pause, the laughter,
And the change of conversation.

Love, trauma, and existential dread.
We should not talk about such things,
But what if you did and let yourself be known?

There was a moment, another one, with him.
A moment so poetic and profound;
I allowed myself to be taken before I knew the moment was fleeting.
I sat on my blanket in the grass, under the stars, and I remembered.

It was a day,
Like other days,
And it was magic.
Not because it was but because I made it so.
I let it be and so it was.

It was a night,
Like other nights.
And it was full of possibilities.
Not because it was but because we made it so.
Tonight, I will believe in magic and possibilities.
I will marvel at the sight of shooting stars.
I will delight at the sight of a red fox in the wood.
I will forget that they too, are fleeting and instead;
Revel in the profound and poetic.
As if this day were magic,
And perhaps once again, young love was possible.
I do not fear the intensity of my own hunger.
Hold on, one more moment…

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