THE HEALING PARADOX: How My Insomnia Taught Me Secrets to Living an Abundant Life

Along my journey I’ve followed many self-healers, people who have made a public display of their journey with a certain ailment, hoping that the broadcasting of that journey will help others. I see the first half of the Healing Paradox in so many of them. They dedicate their YouTube channel to find the natural cure. But in this dedication they perpetuate their condition. In fact, they perpetuate the condition in their loyal followers as well, because everyone is participating in the celebrating of the symptom. Two years later, dozens of “cures” attempted, and they are still suffering. Or even worse off. And they’re probably earning money from the effort, so they have literally engineered their suffering into a sustenance they rely on.

If we could just realize that everything should start in the mind, we would achieve our goals so much more quickly. Because once you are centered in an unwavering allowing of your natural inner potential, you have laid a foundation for change. You have become a channel for health and abundance. Then, whatever physical action you take will be charged with the source energy of creation, of infinite possibility, of complete wholeness.

By all means, please keep your doctor in your circle of health. Conventional medicine has its place, and it is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous to ignore this aspect of healing. But don’t forget to take care of your mind. It must always begin in the mind.

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