THE HEALING PARADOX: How My Insomnia Taught Me Secrets to Living an Abundant Life

So what’s the problem? I’ll lay it out plainly: we’re overly focused on the symptoms. In fact, we’re stuck in this self-perpetuating feedback loop I’m calling the Healing Paradox.

But before I continue I’d like to be clear; I’m not advocating dropping Western Medicine. I’m advocating revising how both patients and doctors view the paradigm of healing. As with anything, there’s always room for improvement. And the beautiful thing about the Healing Paradox is that regardless of your doctor’s approach, you can harness it to unleash better health from within. It’s all about realizing that YOU have the power to invigorate your body’s systems of healing.

This is not just a prevailing problem in medicine. It permeates nearly all areas of our common everyday existence. It’s time for a reboot; I’ll explain why.

Think about how we are trained to approach any problem in life:

  1. You decide you want something. You have been taught that the more effort you put into it, the more likely you will be to succeed.
  2. You consult your mind for answers: Who is going to give it to me?
 How am I going to get it?
 When will it be here?
  3. Then, after not seeing the results you want: Why is it taking so long? What is preventing me from having it? What more do I need to do to get it?
  4. If you can’t get the solution you were looking for, your mind beats you up for not being “good enough” or for some other reason why you are “less-than.”
  5. With the reinforced sense of limitation your mind just bestowed upon you, you return to step 2 in search of a new solution. The cycle repeats.

Sound familiar? Yes! We all do this

Our education system trains us to engage only our analytic mind for answers any time we are faced with a problem. We consult our past memories to determine which lessons can apply to the present issue. When we cannot achieve our goal by accessing and acting on past knowledge, we are made to feel stupid by being ridiculed with bad marks and grades.

What this has done is build up our sense of limitation. The lack of control. The sense that we have been served this life by luck or “deservance,” and that you can try to make a change, but most likely your actions will be futile.

This loop of limitation is the vicious cycle that so many find themselves stuck in. And it’s at its worst when related to a health issue, especially when you’ve been told it’s serious, because it’s a life-or-death fight to prevail.

So the first half of the Healing Paradox is this: when faced with a health problem, we assume the mentality of “more action equals better results.” Here’s what approach you might take:

  1. You decide that this health problem needs to be resolved. You feel that the more effort you put into it, the more likely you will be to succeed.
  2. You go to the doctor, who examines your symptoms and perhaps prescribes you a medication to address those symptoms.
  3. You return home, sit on the couch, and wait for your symptoms to resolve. You hold your problem in your mind as you quietly monitor what is happening.
  4. If the issue does not resolve, you return to the philosophy of “more effort”.
  5. You might take more of the medication. You might search the internet for answers. You might find a solution someone has reported success with. You try it.
  6. From the moment you begin acting on your new solution, your mind is monitoring its results.
  7. But you don’t see much improvement, so you must try harder. You return to the internet for answers.
  8. Repeat cycle… indefinitely.

This is the cycle I found myself in repeatedly. I was so lost in the symptoms, in the monitoring, that I was literally causing them to persist. My insistent commitment to the prescribed philosophy “more effort = more results” doomed me from the beginning. I was perpetuating my own suffering. If I found myself in a moment without discernible symptoms, my mind would immediately search for them, and invariably find them.

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