The Great Evil

 June 20, 2018

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The Great Evil

For it is the darkest of all men and women who acquire these things at great volume and utilize them to control the works and world of others. They pass down the ease of such luxuries to only the selected children of their own loins or to the equally vile of the advancing rank, keeping you blind to the machinations by which they have stolen that which rightfully belonged to all.

I propose no solution. I give only warning… The persistence of this evil will lead to the only destruction of the human soul and loss of that which makes life meaningful. Work as you need, but never forget and never stop fighting to regain that which has been taken from you.

Money is fleeting, fictitious and hateful to the sight of all that in truth your destinies are intended. Until you collectively have risen beyond this bondage, none who live shall be free.

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