The Great Evil

The Great Evil


In what work do you revel oh messengers of men? In what world is such work done? And in the end, in what works have you grown or taught in the soul of yourself as in the souls of others?

It is all too easy to be consumed by the works of the world in which we reside. It is easy to live by the definitions of these things in which we struggle, strive and succeed. By the processes of the laborious task, we go about day to day with goals both simple and complex, attempting to achieve some measure of success or comfort within lives bound to the acquisition and use of material things.

The money I tell you in truth is the most evil of all human creations, fouler in the result of its conception than even the most heinous of all inventions and acts. The need for it in order to perform even the most basic function and achievement of vitality within the modern world is of detriment more than any bodily sin. For by the creation of its concept, you have grown only enslaved to increasing degrees as the world around you became tethered to its trade and earning more tightly than a child clings to the bosom of its mother and more hungrily than a starved predator might chase after its most elusive of prey.

From the day that the advent of wealth was first laid down, it is money that has chained you and your brethren from freedom, knowledge, and progress. Even as I write this I too acknowledge the burden of its weights. I must feed the despised beast each daily simply in order to persist in the manner of human life. Without money, I can no more afford the time to write these words than I could afford the means by which to look inward and seek truth or meaning… Because it is my money and not action that we have restricted the most basic of needs for human life.

No longer is mankind in much of this world permitted to live by the land or persist by the work of his hands and toils of the earth, consuming the foods he has grown, gathered or hunted, nor live upon the place where he so chooses to abide. Even the waters are priced and distributed in accordance to fees and regulations controlled by those who have acquired more wealth than their share, and power thru its collection.

The days of choosing a place to reside and setting yourself upon burdens of sustenance have passed the way of the great reptiles, and in place of these natural orders, you have lost not only your sense of placement within nature but even your own minds.

You barter away the days of your life and the usefulness of youth in trade for that which the earth once gave in abundance. You create systems by which it is outlawed to be without and yet meaningless to attain, each of you hoping to either one day have purchased enough freedom to pursue the interests of your own spirit, or to secure such freedoms for the sake of your loved ones… and I tell you that you are in slavery to darkness.

For it is the darkest of all men and women who acquire these things at great volume and utilize them to control the works and world of others. They pass down the ease of such luxuries to only the selected children of their own loins or to the equally vile of the advancing rank, keeping you blind to the machinations by which they have stolen that which rightfully belonged to all.

I propose no solution. I give only warning… The persistence of this evil will lead to the only destruction of the human soul and loss of that which makes life meaningful. Work as you need, but never forget and never stop fighting to regain that which has been taken from you.

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