The Gates Of Valhalla

The Gates Of Valhalla

The Gates Of Valhalla

We have been suffering for too long, for we have been surviving under this pressure of the world, the load of the expectation we are carrying.

For this world has granted nothing but cruelty and hatred to humankind. So for once, we deserve the sound of drums that will light up the hope in us, a hope towards life.

For this world has scared us of the death that we don’t remember that we are here to live. So for once, we deserve the life so lively, acts so selfless and love so deathless.

For this world took our kindness from us and left us stranded alone to face the hardships of this place. So for once, we deserve to sit together and enjoy the feast with love.

For this world have divided us for too long that we don’t even remember that God has sent us as one, mankind. So for once, we deserve to cheer our drinks and get drunk as one kind.

For this world has taken our happiness from us and set us on a never-ending struggle to get it. So for once, we deserve to sit and just look at each other with a smile for we are the happiness we need.

For this world has taken the love from us and turned it into something material. So For once, we deserve to dance with our soulmates with nothing but love and happiness.

So let us walk down the path that leads to the destination where there will be no sorrows, no pain. Where there will be suppers with delicacies, dances of love, drum beats of hopes, the drinks full of joy, the laughter full of life and time so timeless.

Because for once we deserve this life that is only in the stories, the life of the above.

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