The Four Stages Of Desire : When Everything Boils Down To What You Seek

The Four Stages Of Desire When Everything Boils Down To What You Seek

And the most fortunate ones are born with a few desires:

Out of these come the geniuses of all time like some of the great thinkers of all time, who left a significant mark on this world, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, some great musicians, poets, humanitarians, and political leaders.

Finally, a rare few are born with only one desire:

Our life is a gift to not add on to the list of our desires, rather reduce them to one profoundly impactful desire. People who have one desire, which is the ultimate search for truth, are the mystics, spiritually actualized people. These people have risen above the ensnaring desires of this earthly dimension and have reached the zenith of spiritual freedom. They use the majestic power of meditation to achieve a state of salvation.

Kabir says one can use meditation as a tool to reduce the number of desires a person has from many to some, from some to few and from a few to one.

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Kabir also explains the connection between the number of desires and the emotional and spiritual prosperity of a person.

People who have many desires, have to go through emotional turmoils in life.  For them, life is a constant roller coaster of emotions. They get upset easily; they calm down quickly. One advantage of having superficial emotions that do not run deep is that no pain can last long for these people. On the flip side, their satisfactions are neither important nor enduring. Nothing lasts long, because nothing matters much.

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People with few desires are driven by passion.

Whatever field of life they commit themselves to, they have a tremendous passion for persevering and for succeeding. Driven by a longing that is spread across only a few desires, passionate people often achieve great things.

The final step, according to Kabir, to let the true emotion prosper, one must instill undying passion—a personal ambition, the pursuit of pleasure, the need for prestige, the need for reputation, the preoccupation with material possessions—amalgamates into one searing passion. Kabir calls this singular passion devotion. In the mystical tradition, ultimate devotion and dedication lead to the discovery of true self.

When one moves from many desires to some desires and from some desires to a few desires and when these few desires boil down to passion and devotion – we come to know who we are and what we are seeking. 

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