The Fog

The Fog

There’s something unassuming and comforting about the fog, isn’t there?
The way it lingers in the air, providing a gentle, yet protective barrier between you and the rest of the world.
Gifting you the safe space and shielding embrace to withdraw into the depths of introspection.
It forgoes all concept of time. Everything seems to stand still in its presence.
It’s merciful, misty kiss against your face requests of you to close your eyes, silence your mind to the anarchy, and simply listen.
Inhale the calm as deeply as you can, and slowly exhale the chaos from your soul.
Allow The Fog to consume you, to be your safeguard to serenity.
Ah, yes. There is truly something unassuming, and oh so comforting about the fog, isn’t there?

Photo By: Nancy Shurkoff

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