The feeling of heaviness…

The feeling of heaviness...

The feeling of heaviness,

Deep inside myself,

How do I take it out?

Where do I pour it down?

I feel like shouting,

At the top of my voice,

Don’t want any sound coming out, though,

Lest it attracts people s stares.

I don’t like being watched,

Neither do I like being checked,

If everything was alright,

I don’t have an answer for it.

Is everything alright and hunky dory,

In this la la land called my life,

I don’t know what to say,

Coz I don’t know how to find out.

Going back to shouting,

I want it to be voiceless,

Somehow I feel the air that goes out,

Will take my heaviness away.

Wishful thinking I know,

But that’s all I have,

How can I come to a solution,

When I don’t even know the problem? .

Problem, is there really one?

Or is it just in my mind,

People around me say,

I am all gain and no pain.

Is there really no pain?

Is that what my life is?

Or is that what I show others,

And doing a good job at it.

Whatever it is, the shouting works,

Five minutes of it and I feel lighter l,

Have no science to prove it myself,

As long as it works, that’s all I would need.

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