The Fearfully Pleasing Storm

The Fearfully Pleasing Storm

Yet another tornado, embracing me with no plans of letting go-

The sensation of your pull was fearfully pleasing, and the interior ciaos is what I needed.

The addiction was not expected. You forced me to open up when I didn’t know I wanted to.  I’ve lost control, or maybe I never had it. At that moment I wanted to feel every bit of you. You, the dark storm, who saw every piece of me as is, and took it.  You didn’t care that I was just sitting in your path trying to live my life. you just sucked me up with no thoughts of what the outcome would be.

When you are embraced in the eye of the storm, you only see what’s around you. There is no stable ground to stand on.  Emotions and feelings are everywhere, and they just keep coming, flooding, and taking charge of every piece of your being.  The way out is on top, the light, it seems so hard to reach. Know that eventually you will get there, but not just yet.

Secretly I believe I am part of the storm, the darkness.  If like attracts like, then you, the darkness, knew you would find me, and take me, and I would willfully go.

The fight was over just as fast as it started, and there I was alone, again, on my path, with only the remnants of what I fearfully loved, that destroyed me yet again. Perhaps when we meet again, I will be just a bit more prepared- or maybe I will just surrender to you willingly, until my heart can no longer bare it. When that day comes, I will be the storm that consumes those that fearfully love the darkness.